Facebook Ad Mastery


Ad Budgeting and Scheduling

Ad Budgeting and Scheduling

In this super detailed and high level course, you will Master the art of Facebook Advertising. Most of the concepts you will learn in this course costed me over $5,000 to learn. I enrolled on multiple courses by Facebook Ad experts spending thousands of dollars per day on ads and getting crazy Return On Investment.

I have since applied most of the strategies and I can confidently say – I know and understand the ins and out of Facebook Ad. So will you at the end of this course.

You will learn

  • The Anatomy of a GREAT & Wining Ad
  • The Breakdown of the marketing objectives within facebook
  • How to win more clients and customers by going the “freemium” route
  • How to lower your ad costs by using hidden tools in facebook to your advantage
  • How to build your custom audience list and re-target them
  • How to set-up a proper re-targeting campaign
  • You will also see examples of my personal ads
  • You will learn how much to spend for your ads during the testing stage and when to cut an ad
  • You will learn the “sweet spot” for the amount of audience to target when running an ad
  • You will also be exposed to how to run INSTAGRAM ADs the right way
  • And More!!!!!

Course Features

  • Lectures 23
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 7 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 1039
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Self
Daniel is a London based Creative Designer with over 5 years experience in the design and Tech field. Endorsed by the UK Government as "A World Leading Exceptional Talent" through Tech Nation, Daniel continues to be a thought leader and content creator in the Tech Scene within and outside London.
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